1. Złombol? What the heck is that?

It’s a charity event. The goal is to collect as much money as possible, to be used in full to buy goods and holiday trips for children in care.

Participants make advertising space available on their vehicles which are driven to the agreed location. It usually lies 2-3 thousand kilometers away. This sounds quite official and dry, but those who’ve been there know it actually isn’t.

2. Authorized vehicles

Only cars of the communist concept or production can take part in the rally. Passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, motorbikes and mini motorbikes are all allowed ; -)

For vehicles manufactured at the turn of communist and capitalist eras (1990), the conceptual/technical link to communism is important.

(For example, technology-wise, “Maluch” - Fiat 126P made in 1998 definitely qualifies, while a 1994 Skoda Felicia does not).

Engine swaps are allowed! They’ve been allowed from the early editions and will continue to be :-)

Approved vehicles:

ARO 24, M461, Autosan SAN up to H9-21 (exl. A09), H10, Autosans based on the structure/frame from STAR, Avia A21, Barkas, Dacia (before Renault era), Fiat 125P, Fiat 126P (all vintages and BIS versions), Fiat 127P, Fiat 131P, Fiat 132P, GAZ, GAZ 2705 I series, Honker, Ikarus 211, 256, 260, 280, Jelcz, Łada 1300, 2101, 2104, 2106, 2107, Niva, Samara, LUBLIN 1, LUBLIN 2, LUBLIN 3, Moskvitch, Nysa, Oltcit Club, all Polonez’es (from Złombol 2012), Skoda 1000MB, 100, 105, 120, 130, Favorit, Forman, Rapid 135, 136, TAZ 1203, Star, Syrena (not the new one) , Tarpan, Tavria, Trabant, UAZ, Wartburg, WAZ 2131, WAZ 2329, Volga, Warszawa, ZAZ Zaporozhets, Zastava, Zastava Yugo Florida, Yugo Koral (up to 1999), Żuk.

Motorcycles: Dnyepr, ETZ, Jawa, Junak, Komar ;-), MZ, OSA, SHL M11, Simson, Simson Duo, Ural, WSK, ...

Unapproved vehicles:

Retro cars like new Syrena, Autosan after the H6 model (except for the initial H7 models based on the old STAR construction) Chinese cars, MIRAFIORI NO!, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Volvo, BMW, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, FIAT Panda and later ones, Toyota, Renault, Peugeot, Yugo or Fiat UNO, Citroen and all other Western and Asian brands! Newer Russian vehicles based on modern designs are not allowed! CINQUECENTO, MULTIPLA!!!!!, MATIZ neither.

3. Donors

We have devoted a whole section to this subject. Do follow this LINK

4. Sponsorship

NOT ALLOWED! NOT ALLOWED! NOT ALLOWED! Our iron principle is “all for children”!

Acceptance of sponsorship leads to immediate disqualification or denial of participation in the rally.

5. Stickers

The organizer provides participants with start numbers, stickers with the www.zlombol.pl caption and a badge from the given year.

The cost is about 60 PLN. The teams collect stickers from their donors on their own. The front door and the upper parts of the rear window are reserved for Złombol stickers. Precise instructions: LINK

It is not possible to collect the stickers earlier, without a vehicle or without meeting all the criteria (collecting 2000 PLN for children)! The criteria are as follows:

  1. Acceptance by Złombol as a participant in a given year
  2. Payment for stickers
  3. Raising funds for children
  4. Showing up at the start point and eligible vehicle demonstration

In any other case, the payment for the sticker is not refundable! We do not issue stickers if the above requirements are not met.

6. Schedule

We announce times and dates at the end of each year according to the schedule. We avoid Julys and Augusts due to limited accommodation availability during these months.

There are usually 1500-2000 people going with us... only in July and September there is a chance (a slim one at times) for getting a roof over our heads. So to speak.

7. Destination

The destination of the event is announced on January 1st until 6:00 p.m. according to the schedule. The distance usually does not exceed 3000 kilometers.

The route back and forth can be driven in one full week.

We avoid places with accommodation problems (which is the reason why Złombol has not gone East yet) and places with "complicated" political and legal situation (which is another reason why we have not gone East).

8. Start

The start event takes place in Katowice. We check in your teams on the day of the event, and, optionally, as the “Late Night Check In” on the day before. Detailed instructions plus info on how to get to the site can be found in the PARTICIPANT ZONE.

9. Participant zone

After registering on our website, enrolling for the rally LINK, and getting approved (it all sounds dramatically complicated, and, unfortunately, it actually is so :-)) you will get access to a magic zone full of instructions and information on accommodation, departure and whatnot. And how do you get the access? All you need to do is log in to the site, and a new item will appear in the top menu.  

10. Driving

There are fixed accommodation points (campsites) along the route. The selection of both accommodation points and the route between the points are made by participants at their discretion. No convoy ride is allowed (apart from the start in Katowice and the media companionship for the first kilometers). The teams collectively determine who is going with whom and which way. There is no organized help, no mechanics, no tow trucks, no assistance, no psychologist, no nanny and no guarantee you’ll get there!

11. Checkpoints / milestones

There are no mandatory checkpoints or stamps of any kind. Why is that? Złombol is a place for individualists who are looking for freedom in the choice of their routes, dates, accommodations and attractions to visit. We believe that in times when everything is organized, planned, and has its own precise timetable, such an oasis of freedom is something very important and gives Złombol its specific character.

12. Accommodation

The teams organize their accommodation by themselves including the selection and reservation of campsites, bringing equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, and incurring fees.

The organizer provides the participants with timely information on selected accommodation sites along the route. These are available in the PARTICIPANT ZONE. For drivers, we recommend ear plugs ...;-)

But you can sleep wherever you like - in ditches, on parking lots or load beds - if you got’em :-)

13. Finish

For safety reasons we have resigned from the organized group event at the finish line.

We will all be in one spot, but everyone chooses their own place to stay the night. There is no welcome committee or red carpet.

There are many smiling and fulfilled Złombol guys though. There is great satisfaction that you have achieved the goal (which is not so easy) and helped the children (even less easy). Detailed info can be found in the PARTICIPANT ZONE. 

14. Diplomas

We hand out our diplomas at the very beginning. Depending on where you’re headed, you can put up your badge as a souvenir from a given place.

There is no second diploma after finishing the race.

Why? Organization-wise, we are not able to canvas all the campsites at the finish line (sometimes there are, say, three of them, plus some teams sleep under the stars) and be there at each hour or day a team actually crosses the line.

Many of you have not received your diplomas before because the lines (pun not intended) were too long or because you came at a different time (heavy rain).

Also, we do believe everyone deserves a diploma, regardless of whether they reach the finish line or are forced to call a tow truck to get them home after 2 hours into the route.

15. Returning home

Once you cross the finish line, Złombol ends and your team goes back home – accompanied by other teams, or individually. You can go straight back or do an extra  4000 kilometers, up to you.

16. Who can go

At least one person must be in possession of a driving license ;-)

There is no limit to the number of people! You can even stuff four travellers into “Maluch” (Fiat 126P) if  that’s your fancy.

17. Who can’t go

For safety reasons and due to the specificity of our vehicles (no ISO fixes...and that’s just scratching the surface) we do not allow children who still have to travel in restraints.

Polish regulations clearly state that “in a motor vehicle fitted with safety belts, a child up to the age of 12 and not exceeding 150 cm in height shall be transported in a restraint seat or other child-carrying equipment adjusted to the child's weight and height and meeting appropriate technical conditions'.

We do not allow animals for obvious reasons...a 5-day, 12-hour car ride, plus the return trip, is simply drudgery for any pet.

18. Registration

One vehicle = one registration

It is not possible to register 2 or more vehicles per team!

More here: https://zlombol.pl/rajd-2019/zgloszenie-zlombol-2019

19. Cost

The organizer does not answer such question as this is a very individual matter. The route and distance are known; calculating fuel consumption and fuel costs abroad, locating LPG stations, considering highway tolls, ferries, visas and other things is the sole responsibility of each participant. The lazy ones are suggested to ask questions on our forum... ;-)

20. Exceptions

None ;-)

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