Złombol 2018

  • Katowice - Chalkidiki
  • The Chalkidiki Edition
  • Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece
  • 12. Edition
  • Start: Sept. 1, 2018
  • Finish: Sept. 5, 2018

The Race

The Chalkidiki Peninsula - Aegean Sea, crystal clear water, beautiful bays, pine forests, olive groves, remarkable delicacies of Greek cuisine plus lots of history and legends... that’s, in short,  what crosses our minds when we think of this year's finish destination. It’s extremely interesting, with endless possibilities for sightseeing, heritage touring, hiking, trekking and general discovery-making. We are very much looking forward to September 1!

But there’s more to Złombol than just its finish line. It’s about the route in the first place, and for many of us this means umpteen map analyses, making ‘for’ and ‘against’ tables, or sifting through thousands of forum threads on where to sleep, what to take and what not to. We live and breathe planning all that stuff throughout the year: one can choose so many route options it gets your head spinning!

Along the way, all our plans and assumptions usually either get a reality dent here and there - or a complete overhaul as being hopelessly unrealistic. This is Złombol, folks, pure thrill, a joyride that cannot be fully planned in advance. This year we’re rally scratching our heads about which way to take: there are so many exciting options it just makes you want to multiply yourself and try them all!

Anyhow, we had to make up our minds eventually, and our sets of wheels will (hopefully) take us from Katowice down south via the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece – all the way to the central tip of the Chalkidiki Peninsula called Sithonia, which, as the legend has it, together with the tips of Kassandra and Athos form the Poseidon's trident.

This kind of thingy will surely be of use for possible repairs of our wheels, so let's consider it an amulet for luck ;-)

Still, it’s not just mechanical and nervous breakdowns or rough-and-ready conditions that await us. We’ll get a chance to visit several top spots in Europe: swing by Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Thessaloniki. Or take a little detour to Romania or Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. The Balkan Peninsula is very rocky, quality of the roads is highly variable, and the infrastructure is more Złombol-like than some had dreamt of.

The route we’ve chosen is unique because it will unfold the beautiful Balkans before our eyes; places afar from the tourist trails along the coast. We will meet interesting people, learn to fix things the MacGyver way, and familiarize ourselves with local dishes and customs.

We’ll have one main route going either more east- or westbound. This will enable us to choose the ideal route for each crew while being always within reach of other crews. There’s going to be many accommodation types (if we can find them) which will give us some leeway (and that is what us travelers want).  All of this is to help us avoid campsite crowds. Clearly, the accommodation base in the region is not as extensive as in the West and it will certainly be necessary at some point to get a roof over our heads on the fly at 3 AM... by using sign language :-)

We’re in touch with a very large local campsite. The owners have experience in organizing big events and they know our requirements. They can officially set us up with room for a minimum of 500 cars, electricity and a place for party with music :-)) The surroundings are taken straight from a fairy-tale, we’ll stay in the middle of a beautiful pine forest and right next to a picturesque bay with white sand.

As for the rally rules, the most important one  remains - 100% of the collected funds is spent on purchasing things like excursions and summer camps for children, as well as on improving the level of their education and getting them ready for adulthood. We call this 'equaling opportunities'.

As organizers, we do not make any money from Złombol; we devote our free time to the project. And this rule stays until the last drop of oil on the ground ^_^.

The previous edition allowed us to evolve. We have achieved each of the goals we have set for ourselves. This year, we are planning to work twice as hard on new achievements which will eventually serve to promote the event and make Złombol more recognizable.

What you can expect:

  • Big help for children
  • Doing the incredible and unique
  • Intriguing Balkan vibe
  • Visiting countless towns and cities of note
  • Culinary euphoria from the Balkans and Greece
  • Mechanical and nervous breakdowns, successful and unsuccessful repairs, seized rear axles, and more
  • All kinds of problems in different versions
  • Being part of the Złombol family! (strange, large, noisy but very cool)
  • Losing touch with reality (usually less colorful than the one of Złombol)
  • Good excuse for a getaway with your buddies

What you can't expect (this isn't really just a marketing gimmick!):

  • Mechanics on call
  • Car assistance
  • Tow trucks
  • Psychological support
  • Spare parts
  • Animator
  • Mothering
  • Complaint investigation
  • Democracy
  • Comfy accommodation and good weather!
  • Accommodation that’s always available :-)
  • Red carpet
  • 5 stars (this goes to one or four too)
  • Concierge service
  • Physical rest
  • Ergonomic seats/mattresses/furniture
  • Gluten-free foods

Złombol has never reached Chalkidiki

  • It will be extreme!
  • The engines will turn red hot!
  • It will be a great stunt!
  • There will be no help!
  • There will be a great adventure!
  • Złombol - the real gamble!
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