Złombol 2019 - The Lucky 13th Edition - We're going to Ireland

Katowice - Ireland

The Lucky 13th Edition

Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Ireland (Wicklow Mountains)


Start: June 29,2019

Finish: July 7.2019


After returning from Loch Ness in 2011, we promised ourselves to return to the Isles. Wildlife, beautiful coastline, mountains, national parks... "Cold" editions - that are closer to our hearts - always have their own specific climate. They lead to interesting, uninhabited, unknown (compared to the southern directions) and picturesque places. This time we will visit the mysterious Wicklow Mountains, located south of Dublin. In the mountain landscape you will find several glacial lakes, as well as numerous moors and peat bogs. On the meadows there are sheep grazing, fenced with charming stone walls. We will be able to admire Powerscourt - the highest waterfall in Ireland. The brave and cold tolerant (many among those at Złombol) will be able to bathe in one of the lakes or do a test of Złombolmobile for terrain efficiency :-). Ireland gives us so many possibilities it is difficult to describe them all in a short piece of text. Unbridled nature, mountains and hills, beautiful lakes, countless bays, lots of sea around :-), climatic towns and endless options for interesting excursions such as Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.

Let’s not forget about looking for the Leprechaun. Supposedly, he knows where the buried treasure in a clay pot is... but be careful, it won't be easy! He’ll send you for the pot to the other side of the rainbow ;)


http://www.wicklowmountainsnationalpark.ie - the official website of the National Park


Example routes

Northern route: https://goo.gl/maps/kiDxYrZgkLB2

Southern route: https://goo.gl/maps/NirQ7wFdZRz

For each Złombol-er, the finish line is very important - but the route itself is even more so. For many of us, this means umpteen map analyses, making ‘for’ and ‘against’ tables, or sifting through thousands of forum threads on where to sleep, what to take and what not to. This year we will also be looking for that perfect ferry at the perfect time ;-). We live and breathe planning all that stuff throughout the year and this allows us to get the feel of the route before driving the first kilometer – of many. Sometimes, along the way, all plans and assumptions are revised, change by 180 degrees or just go out the window. Because this is pure adventure, people, this is Złombol, you can’t actually plan it.

We sometimes hear people say West destinations are boring - because "there’s nothing to see on the highway". But they couldn’t be any more wrong! Up to the point where both our routes intersect - in Ghent (Gent, B) - there are countless well-developed roads outside the highway network, taking you to very interesting metro areas which we will pass through on our way to the Isles. Apart from Polish cities, the Northern route includes Berlin, Potsdam, Wolfsburg (VW Museum), Münster or Antwerp. The southern route will allow us to travel through Dresden, Leipzig, Cologne, Nürburgring and Brussels. A crossing to England will divide us into a tunnel and ferries, night or day trips, but this freedom of choice is a very important part of every trip for all the Złombol-ers. In England there will be two options again. Northern route leading through London, Oxford, Birmingham, Snowdonia National Park and a ferry to Dublin. And a southern route for those interested in Wales – via Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea with an option to visit Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

At the finish line we will meet on a Celtic note - on the glades of Wicklow Mountains :-)

The whole rally will abound in failures, nervous breakdowns and lack of comfort. See page bottom for a detailed description of what the participants can – and can’t – expect :-)

Two routes have been tried and tested by us during a few past editions. We can choose the ideal route for each team while being within the reach of other teams. There will be many accommodation options which will give us some leeway (and that is what us travelers want). All of this is to help us avoid campsite crowds (not entirely though). The accommodation base in these areas is well developed, but we are quite a legion, and the beginning of the holiday season will not make things any easier ;-). It will be necessary at some point to get a roof over our heads on the fly at 3 AM... by using sign language :-).

We’re in touch with a great guy who will organize the finish site on a farmland...You read that right: a farmland. The guy has a farmland and will hook us up with a place to sleep, mobile showers and toilets. He will also take care of the music (maybe there will be a food truck serving Irish Stew). You may be wondering: why no campsite?! The answer is simple. Campsites are just too small for our biggest charity rally in the world ;-p So if it's a ‘no can do’, we turn it into ‘yes, we can’ – and bang - there we are, crashing on a farmland :-). The site is picturesque! We’re gonna throw a fantastic Złombol-Celtic party for sure :-)

As for the rules, the most important one remains - 100% of the collected funds will be spent to make dreams of children in care come true.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: This year we are #rallyingtohelp children in care from all over Poland!

When the fundraising concludes, the organizers, in cooperation with the participants, visit children’s homes and consult their needs with social care workers and their pupils. In so doing, they choose children and youth who will take advantage of language, sports or independence courses. For several years now, the children have been going on trips and two-week long camps to the seaside or the mountains.

The organizers do not make money off Złombol, we devote our free time to its organization. This rule will remain the same until the last drop of oil on Earth ^_^.

The previous edition was a powerful boost of positive energy! We recorded a 65% increase in the fundraising result and welcomed many new participants.

We've improved our procedures, and worked hard to promote the event and take a better care of the facilities. This year will be equally intense, thumbs up!


What you can expect

Big help for children

Doing the incredible and unique

Celtic vibe

Visiting countless towns and cities of note

Views out of this world

Mechanical and nervous breakdowns, successful and unsuccessful repairs, seized rear axles, and more

All kinds of problems in different versions

Being part of the Złombol family! (strange, large, noisy but very cool)

Losing touch with reality (usually less colorful than the one of Złombol)

Good excuse for a getaway with your buddies

Leprechauns here and there


What you can't expect (this really isn't just a marketing ploy!!)

Mechanics on call

Car assistance

Tow trucks

Psychological support

Spare parts



Complaint investigation


Comfy accommodation and good weather!

Accommodation that’s always available :-)

Red carpet

5 stars (this goes to one or four too)

Concierge service

Physical rest

Ergonomic seats/mattresses/furniture

Gluten-free foods


Złombol has never reached Ireland

It will be extreme!

The engines will turn red hot!

It will be a great stunt!

There will be no help!

There will be a great adventure!


Złombol - the real gamble!

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