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Posiada ktoś list do darczyńców w wersji anglojęzycznej? :cheer:
Szefowa jednej z firm nie łapie co to j.polski, a pracownicy
marketingu chcą jej jak najszybciej przedstawić wszystkie
info związane ze Zlombolem. Niestety oni sami się nie łapią
w angielskim. :whistle: Jeżeli ktoś posiada gotowy list to byłbym bardzo
wdzięczny za przesłanie go lub wstawienie na stronkę Zlombolu ;)

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Wymaga aktualizacji bo nie jest tegoroczny ale na pewno dobra baza:

About Zlombol:
Zlombol is an extreme road trip to the past. Main goal is to collect funds
needed to buy goods for kids from local orphanages.

Vehicles taking part in this adventure all were designed during Cold War by
Eastern Bloc engineers. Buying car price is about 250€. This does not
include additional costs of preparing our cars to start.

This is going to be our forth road trip. Past four were from Katowice in
Poland to Monaco (2007, 2008), from Katowice to Arctic Circle in Norway
in 2009 and the transcontinantal edition in 2010 Katowice-Istanbul.

We wanted to prove that it is really possible to drive those
wrecks with no fear all the way long to the destination.

Routes we set were not easy: Alps with steep roads, hairpin turns, long
distances, Scandinavian sideways, mooses, frost and heat. You need to be
aware that Zlombol is not a youngtimer rally; it is not an organized trip.
There are no professional car mechanics, no road assistance, no tow trucks,
no replacement parts and car we use are old and very used.

Our goal:

We are collecting funds for orphanages by putting sponsor adverts on our
This can be anything: a company logo, a picture or anything else you can
think of.
All that has to be done is to pay (agreed between team and their sponsors)
amount on our special Zlombol bank account.
100% of collected amount is used then to help kids from orphanages we
Important thing is that teams participating in Zlombol are obligated to
carry all cost of trip on their own. This means car buying price, car
preparation cost, fuel, accommodation, toll, ferry tickets, possible
repairing costs, tow trucks, car stickers.
There is no financial support for teams taking part in this road trip!
We appropriate 100% of collected funds for kids!

Zlombol 2010 - Transcontinental:
Katowice – Asia.

For our teams it means going through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
and finally Turkey just to get to Bosphorus - which separates Asian and
European continents in Istanbul! We will have to cross Tatra Mountains,
Transylvania and Carpathian Mountains.

We need to be prepared for heat, we need to be prepared to pass through the
largest European agglomeration of Istanbul, and there are car breakdowns
going to happen, nervous breakdowns waiting for us… and many, many more.

Zlombol Transcontinental – the greatest challenge in history of Zlombol.
Until now Zlombol was never seen on other continent!

It is going to be further!

It is going to be extreme!

It is going to be high performance!

Is is going to be a great adventure!

Zlombol - the real GAMBLE!
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